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OrgChart Professional (1-500 employees)


  •  Takes only minutes - It's quick and easy to create a chart. You can use existing sources or create one from scratch in minutes.
  •  Quickly model your team - Direct hierarchies or complex multi-layerd corporations. Include up to 15,000 employees and add all the important detail you need.
  •  Easy design, great tools - You control the look, feel and scope with easy-to-use formatting and information management
  •  Share your results - Publish your completed chart in PowerPoint, Flash and more. Easily distribute reports and reference data.
  •  No IT necessary - Simple to install, easy to manage. Become a “pro” without involving the IT department. Auto fill-in drag & drop, point & click simplicity!

What is a Strategic Workforce Analytical Tool?

Every day your organization faces challenges with hundreds, even thousands, of decisions based on workforce capabilities, skill alignment and available resources. OrgChartPro desktop delivery creates the decision canvas toempower better visibility, strategic planning and effective project management.

Combining industry-leading best-practices with an intuitive and flexible tool set, OrgChartPro integrates your entire company and gives you immediate access to mission critical information. Whether you are an established smaller company or a start-up OrgChartPro Small Businesses Edition helps you transform your workforce and get results.Easy enough for beginners; flexible and deep enough for seasoned experts.



System Requirements

  • Pentium III Class PC
  • Windows 98SE, Me, NT4, SP6, 2000, XP,
    XP Pro, Vista, Windows 7
  • 40 MB hard drive space
  • 5 MB RAM
  • CD-ROM 8x
  • VGA video card with 32MB RAM
  • 1024 x 768 display
Version Chart Up To
OrgChart Pro100 100 people
OrgChart Pro250 250 people
OrgChart Pro500 500 people


We’ve made it easy.

Charting your organization, even ones with complex, multi-layered relationships is simple. OrgChartPro promotes many AUTOMATED features that allow you to create dynamic charts in just minutes.

  • Links to Outlook, Excel or your database…create one chart from multiple sources
  • Drag and drop functions make formatting a snap…and automatic!
  • Quickly and easily add important information from your databases into your chart
  • Attach any relevant forms and files to an individual record including employee photos and performance reviews
  • Export charts to PowerPoint, Flash, Excel and more with a click of a button.
  • Choose from dozens of professionally-designed templates or create your own
  • Update your database and your chart effortlessly…no double entry!

Choose the details you need.

OrgChartPro offers a comprehensive, easy-to-manage reporting toolset that promotes ANALYSIS with the necessary precision. Compile and prepare detailed, real-time reports and build corporate intelligence to develop strategies, support organizational initiatives and maintain goal alignment.

  • Create quick queries or develop ongoing reports with a click of a button
  • Breakdown larger charts into smaller sub-charts or divisions for easy use.
  • Calculate headcount and salary summaries for any group. Any hierarchical summaries are now possible
  • Auditing Compare tool creates a color-coded, visual presentation revealing “what has changed” as you continue to update your chart.
  • Display matrix relationships, vacant positions, contractor vs. permanent status, co-managers and partner relationships
  • Search the entire database instantly.

Drive company strategies.

OrgChartPro’s ability to synthesize data from across your company allows you to effectively CONTROL data and leverage information for such important tasks as organizational design, succession planning, talent management and retention, performance gap identification and corporate reorganization/right-sizing.

  • Share charts easily and securely
  • Hide sensitive information as needed with password encryption
  • View the entire enterprise or single record using convenient zoom features
  • Mine quantitative and qualitative data to support action plans
  • Chart workflow, understand available resources, manage projects and evaluate position value and balance.

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